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Passion for enabling precision medicine in the future is what drives all of us to strive for breakthroughs in the lab today and will hopefully translate into clinical applications tomorrow. At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we’re committed to enabling our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer.

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Scientific posters and talks highlighting our latest developments in clinical research

Custom NGS panels from optimized gene sets for inherited disease research

Comparing mutation detection sensitivity from matched FFPE tissue and liquid biopsy plasma samples using optimized high throughput sample preparation workflows

Characterization of novel ctDNA reference materials developed using the genome in a bottle in a true human plasma-EDTA matrix

Ion Torrent next generation sequencing—detect 0.1% low frequency somatic variants and copy number variations simultaneously in cell-rree DNA

An Efficient NGS Workflow for Liquid Biopsy Research Using a Comprehensive Assay Panel to Assess Cell-Free Total Nucleic Acid

High sensitivity Sanger sequencing for minor indel detection and characterization

Concurrent determination of ABO RhD blood types and the HIV-1 resistance marker CCR5 deletion via a rapid multiplex PCR and capillary electrophoresis-based genotyping research assay

A computational framework for large-scale analysis of TCRβ immune repertoire sequencing data on cloud-based infrastructure

Estimating mutation load from tumor research sample using targeted next-generation sequencing assay at > 5% allelic frequency

Creating custom gene panels for next-generation sequencing: optimization of 5000 gene assays, selection by disease research area and integrated analysis for variant prioritization

Development of a breast and lung cancer research panel to target therapeutically relevant copy number and gene fusion variants from blood