Flow Cytometry Learning Center

Learn about flow cytometry methods and technologies

The purpose of this learning center is to connect scientists (whether new or experienced) to our many resources for learning about flow cytometry applications, techniques and basic principles by providing a few key points of entry into the vast content.

Flow cytometry guided learning

Molecular Probes School of Fluorescence—Flow Cytometry Basics

Learn how a flow cytometer works including the fluidics, optics and electronics. This is a free resource to help you get started with flow cytometry, which can be a complex and challenging application.

T Cell Stimulation and Proliferation eLearning Course

This modular, animated, and narrated eLearning course was developed to provide a succinct, contextual summary of T cell activation and the methods used to measure T cell function. There are knowledge checks throughout the course as well as a practical application session to test what you have learned.

Flow cytometry features

Flow Cytometry Instrument Evaluation

Compare mechanical engineering of different brands of flow cytometers and learn how design features and software capabilities support your applications and sample types.

Flow Cytometry Resource Library

Access a targeted collection of scientific application notes, protocols, educational videos & webinars, handbooks & newsletters, and research tools.