Thinking about purchasing the Nucleofector™ System?  Consider the Neon™ instead and save your money.

Neon Transfection System vs. Amaxa Nuclefector

Use one “failsafe” protocol to optimize conditions for your cell type and payload

Neon Transfection System

Easily adjust electroporation parameters for my cell type and nucleic acid payload.

Amaxa Nuclefector II

The electroporation parameters are hidden, and are optimized for one cell type and a 3.5 kb GFP plasmid.

Unlike the Amaxa Nucleofector, the Neon Transfection System allows you to view the electroporation parameters so that you can better optimize them for your application. Here are some examples of how the Neon “failsafe” protocol (containing a gradient of pre-programmed electroporation parameters) can help produce superior results for each of the cell types shown.

Neon vs. Amaxa

Perform more transfections with limited or precious cells

Neon Transfection System

I can perform more experiments with my precious cells. 

Amaxa Nuclefector II

I have to use more cells per transfection, which limits my research.

Your cells can be limited when you are required to perform neuronal preps or if you are enriching for homogeneous cell populations via FACS or Dynabeads™ enrichment. In these instances, reducing the number of cells required per transfection can allow you to perform more complex experiments with your precious cells.

Alternatively, you may find yourself in a situation when your cells take a long time to grow. In this case, the Neon Transfection System can help you move on to the next part of your experiment sooner by reducing the number of cells required and ultimately the time required for cell culture.

Cells required per transfection

Use an order of magnitude less cells with the Neon Transfection System

Format Neon 10 µL Tip Neon 100 µL Tip Nucleofector Cuvette
96-well 1–3 x 104   1 x 106
48-well 5–7.5 x 104   1 x 106
24-well 0.5–1.5 x 105   1 x 106
12-well 1–3 x 105   1 x 106
6-well 0.5–1 x 106 0.5–1 x 106 1 x 106
60 mm   2–4 x 106 1 x 106
10 cm   4–8 x 106 1 x 106

Many small advantages make a large difference

Neon Transfection System

The Neon Transfection System has many small advantages that together make a large difference.

  • One kit for all cells
  • 1 year shelf life
  • Room temperature storage

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Amaxa Nuclefector II

The Amaxa Nucleofector system makes electroporation more complicated than it should be.

  • Close to 60 cell types
  • 3 month shelf life (post supplement addition)
  • Storage at 4° C