Thermo Scientific Pierce Fast Western Blot Kits accelerate the Western blotting process with streamlined protocols and optimized reagents that enables accuracy, sensitivity and reliability. The kits help reduce hands-on and overall blotting time to approximately one hour using any of the Thermo Scientific Pierce ECL and SuperSignal Chemiluminescent Substrates.

After transferring proteins to a membrane, traditional Western blotting procedures can take more than 4 hours to complete. Our kits provide all the reagents (except your primary antibody) necessary to complete a Western blot in about 55 minutes. The protocol is easy and requires little or no special optimization. Simply use a mouse or rabbit primary antibody at the same concentration used for typical detection with the Pierce ECL or SuperSignal Substrate. Because it is a reagent-based system, there is no investment in equipment or costly consumables to purchase. Our specially formulated blocking buffers and titered detection antibodies accelerate Western blotting by minimizing incubation times without sacrificing sensitivity.


  • Fast – save up to 4 hours compared to ordinary chemiluminescent Western blots
  • Convenient – no expensive hardware or vacuum required
  • Simple – optimized protocol simplifies Western blot analysis
  • Economical – no expensive consumables or extra equipment required
  • Stable – kits are stable for 1 year stored at 4°C
  • Easy – complete kits contain all components needed to block, probe and develop a blot with your mouse or rabbit primary antibody

Which fast western product is right for you?

  Fast Western Blot Kit, Pierce ECL Fast Western Blot Kit, SuperSignal West Pico Fast Western Blot Kit, SuperSignal West Dura Fast Western Blot Kit, SuperSignal West Femto
Detection Substrate Pierce ECL Substrate SuperSignal West Pico Chemiluminescent Substrate SuperSignal West Dura Extended Duration Substrate SuperSignal West Femto Maximum Sensitivity Substrate
Sensitivity picogram Low picogram Femtogram Low femtogram
Target species 1 kit for both mouse and rabbit primary antibodies Separate mouse and rabbit kits Separate mouse and rabbit kits Separate mouse and rabbit kits
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Fast western blot protcol



Figure 1: Comparable results obtained with classic Western blotting protocol and Thermo Scientific Pierce Fast Western Blot Kit, ECL Substrate. The detection sensitivity for various target proteins was compared using the Fast Western Blot Kit and the classical Western blot protocol.


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