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The breadth of the Thermo Fisher Scientific product portfolio provides a proven foundation for our partners when building new approaches to develop future molecular and clinical diagnostics. If challenges arise in your development process, our dedicated, cross-functional team stands by ready to assist in tailoring your technologies to meet your challenge, compress your development timelines, and maximize your return on investment.


Discover how our flexible approach to commercialization can help you maximize the potential of our industry-leading products.

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Explore how our OEM team worked with a client to develop custom PCR and RT enzymes—at the price point they required.

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Read about how our integrated development team supports OEM clients from formulation through instrument validation, scale up, and launch.

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Utilizing molecular in vitro evolution to engineer performance improvement in enzyme function for development of low-DNA contaminant PCR and RT enzymes.

Collaboration in development of lyophilization-compatible Taq DNA polymerases and SuperScript III RTs, with same high performance as conventional formulation.

See how our manufacturing facilities employ the latest technologies and industry expertise to help ensure the highest quality control in production of life science plastics.