We offer a range of solutions including high-quality Invitrogen™ antibodies and immunoassays, and other products for your protein research—from protein expression, purification, and separation to protein detection and quantification. These educational webinars are designed to support and enhance your everyday research.

Free on-demand webinars

Future of Westerns:
How to tackle your western blot challenges

Watch our free on-demand webinar on “Automated Protein Detection” to learn about getting reproducible western blot results with little hands-on time and using less primary antibody than traditional immunedetection methods.

Biomarker Discovery, Quantitation, and Analysis with Multiplex Immunoassays

Access our free on-demand webinar that provides details about biomarker discovery and validation. Learn how to save time, money and resources by using Luminex™ technology to measure 30 analytes simultaneously.

Integrated Protein Analysis Techniques
(Workshop from AAI 2015 Meeting)

Watch our webinar on immunoassay platform development for evaluating biomarkers relevant to autoimmune disease and cancer research. Discover how antibody-based multiplex tools augment your capacity to detect protein analytes in biological samples.


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