Preparing for storage and downstream use

A critical biobanking stage, preparation ensures that target sample components are ready for storage in an optimal format for downstream use. The preparation of biological samples lays the groundwork for a range of critical research objectives such as drug discovery, cancer and disease research, cell therapy, and beyond. Our solutions support sample preparation ranging from extraction, fractionation, and aliquoting, while maintaining traceability from the point of collection at a range of throughput levels for biobanks at any scale.

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Whether you’re managing the inventory of a freezer or an entire biorepository, Thermo Fisher Scientific has a solution to your biobank needs. Discover our virtual biobank, and see how we can help you with sample collection, preparation, storage, analysis and transport.
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Laboratory processing, automation, analysis for biobank samples

Best practices and case studies in laboratory sample processing and management for biobanking and clinical trial / longitudinal cohort studies.

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Promoting Access Increases Historical Biobank Value

Giffen et al. (2015) demonstrate that promotion, enabling access to biosamples and data, and widening the audience of interest all enhance the value of a historical biobank collection.
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Protecting Your Protocol: Operating a Flawless Clinical Agent Repository

This eBook focuses on your protocol in-place— discussing the process of how clinical agents are received, filling orders for clinical pharmacies, and ultimately how to minimize risk through the patient bedside so that you spot disasters before they happen.
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