We offer a collection of Gibco Cell Therapy Systems (CTS) products for cell therapy research and further manufacturing of cell-, gene-, and tissue-based products. Our products help minimize the risk of contamination and variability in your research and provide all the required documentation for regulatory review – making them the superior choice as you transition from bench to clinic.

For more information about our product offerings, ordering information, and customer support, access our Immunotherapy solutions brochure Gibco CTS brochure and Immunotherapy solutions brochure.

CTS Immune Cell Serum Replacement (SR)

CTS Immune Cell SR is intended to be used as a serum replacement in cell and tissue culture of clinical samples. The product is for in vitro diagnostic use.

  • Minimizes the supply and safety risks associated with human serum
  • Supports expansion of polyclonal T cells (CD3/CD28 bead-activated, OKT3 mAb-activated, virus-specific and tumor-specific T cells)
  • Supports T cell phenotype (CD4, CD8, and CD62L) similar to human serum
  • Supports expansion of gene-modified CAR T cells (lentiviral transduction)
  • Reduces the cost and time associated with qualifying human serum
  • Generic enough to use with the base media of your choice

CTS AIM V Medium

Therapeutic-grade serum-free cell expansion medium
  • First commercially available, fully defined serum-free formulation for proliferation and/or manipulation of T cells and dendritic cells
  • The only FDA 510(k) cleared commercial T cell medium for human ex vivo tissue and cell culture processing applications
  • Manufactured in compliance with cGMP

AIM V Medium has been rebranded to Gibco CTS AIM V Medium as part of our commitment to providing better products, support, and service to our customers. The specification, formulation, and intended use statement for AIM V Medium, liquid will remain unchanged. For further assistance, please email our technical support team at cts@thermofisher.com

OpTmizer CTS T Cell Expansion SFM

  • For growth and expansion of human T lymphocytes
  • Complete serum-free, xeno-free medium
  • Superior cell viability and functionality
  • Consistent results and less variability
  • Now supplied in a 1L enclosed bag facilitating work in cGMP environments

Dynabeads CD3/CD28 CTS

  • Isolate, activate, and expand your T cells ex vivo with just one product
  • Harvest 100 – 1,000 fold expanded  T cells in just 9 - 14 days
  • Recover T cells with properties comparable to in vivo-activated T cells

Dynabeads ClinExVivo CD3⁄CD28 has been rebranded to Gibco Dynabeads CD3/CD28 CTS as part of our commitment to providing better products, support, and service to our customers. The intended use statement for Dynabeads CD3/CD28 CTS has been updated to “For Research Use or Non-Commercial Manufacturing of Cell-Based Products for Clinical Research”

DynaMag CTS

  • Isolate bead-bound cells e.g. for subsequent stimulation/ expansion of T cells with Dynabeads CD3/CD28 CTS and for removal of the beads following the expansion protocol
  • Ideal for magnetic isolation in closed, sterile blood bags and tubing systems
  • Delete unwanted cell types by discarding the magnetic captured bead-bound cells

Dynal Gibco ClinExVivo MPC™ has been rebranded to Gibco DynaMag CTS as part of our commitment to providing better products, support, and service to our customers.  The intended use statement for GIBCO DynaMag CTS has been updated to “For Research Use or Manufacturing of Cell, Gene or Tissue Based Products"

DPBS CTS without Calcium Chloride without Magnesium Chloride

  • Provides an environment that maintains the structural and physiological integrity of cells in vitro.
  • Contains high quality materials suitable for use in clinical research studies
  • Manufactured in state-of-the-art cGMP, ISO certified facilities to ensure the highest quality and consistency for reproducible results every day.
  • Intended use - labeling
  • For Research Use or Manufacturing of Cell, Gene, or Tissue-Based Products
    CAUTION: Not intended for direct administration into humans or animals

CTS Growth Factors

  • Gibco CTS offers high-quality growth factors and cytokines for T-cell and Dendritic cell applications
  • High biological activity - more results with less protein
  • High purity - no interference from other proteins or contaminants
  • Manufactured under ISO 13485 Quality Standard
  • DMF is available on request

CTS Support

Technical and regulatory support and product documentation