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What's New in Chromeleon 7.2 CDS Service Release 2

Watch this webinar to find out about a new biopharma package, instrument control capabilitlies, run-time features, administration features and more…

Chromeleon 7.2 CDS Software Brochure

Streamline your laboratory

  • Increase productivity
  • Control IC, GC, LC, MS instruments
  • Comply with regulations
  • Simplify administration

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Explore the latest features 
Request a complimentary Demo CD by mail or access directly online to explore the newest features in Chromeleon 7.2 CDS software.

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Technical Note How to Realize LC-MS Quantitation with Chromeleon 7.2 CDS Mass spectrometry
Technical Note Intelligent Integration Using Cobra and SmartPeaks Data processing & reporting
Application Note Analysis of BTEX and Chlorinated Compounds in Water Via a Dual Detector Configuration Gas Chromatograph Applications
Application Note Analyzing Residual Solvents in Pharmaceutical Products Using GC Headspace with Valve-and-Loop Sampling Applications
Application Note Determination of Chlorophenols in Water According to U.S. EPA Method 528 Applications
Application Note Determination of Dissolved Manganese in Lithium/Manganese Oxide Battery Electrolyte Applications
Application Note Hydrocarbon Oil Index Determination in Water Using a Simple, Cost-Effective System Applications
Application Note Increasing Productivity in FAMEs Analysis through Increased Selectivity Applications
Brochure Chromeleon 7.2 CDS Software Overview
Customer Story Chromeleon CDS Delivers Efficiency Gains and Compliance and Data Integrity Improvements to UK CRO/CMO Applications
Customer Story Regis Technologies Gains Significant Efficiencies in Pharma/Biopharma Manufacturing Applications
Customer Story Sigma-Aldrich CMO Helps Customers Comply with 21 CFR Part 11 Using Chromeleon CDS Software Applications
Customer Story Douglas Manufacturing Reports Significant Time and Cost Savings for Pharmaceuticals Applications
Customer Story Bayer Pharma AG Implements a Fully Automated Interpretation Workflow for Finding Target Masses Applications
Customer Story Broughton Laboratories: Delivering Client Success Through Unique and Pre-Emptive Service – A Global Analytical GMP Business Perspective Applications
Guide Compliance Guide—21 CFR Part 11 Administration & compliance
Spotlight Intelligent LC: Advanced Control for LC Systems Instrument control
Spotlight Designed for MS Mass spectrometry
Spotlight Features for GC-MS Spectral Library Searching Mass spectrometry
Spotlight Why Switch to Chromeleon CDS Now? Overview
Spotlight Supporting Needs of Users, Lab Managers and  IT Departments  Overview
Spotlight Operational Simplicity
Spotlight Designed for MS  Overview
Spotlight Connect Your Laboratory Overview
Spotlight More Right First Time’ Analyses Overview
Spotlight SmartLinks—Simplied Data Evaluation General cell culture
Spotlight Recycle Bin Overview
Spotlight Streamline Your Workflow Overview
Spotlight Ensure Compliance
Administration & compliance
Spotlight AppsLab Library Applications
Table Chromeleon CDS Service Releases User interface
Technical Note Simplifying Air Analysis Using an Ambient Ion Monitoring System Applications
Technical Note Chromeleon CDS Workflow for Determination of Inorganic Anions in Drinking Water According to U.S. EPA Method 300.1 Applications
Technical Note Fast and Easy HPLC Method Development: Application of an Automated Method Scouting System Applications
Technical Note UHPLC Analysis of 2-AB-labeled Dextran Ladder and Assignment of Glucose Units to Unknown Glycans Applications
Technical Note Automate System Suitability Testing with Chromatography Software Administration & compliance
Videos Chromeleon CDS Overview Videos Overviews
Videos Chromeleon CDS Tips & Tricks Videos Tips & tricks
Videos Chromeleon CDS Administrative & Compliance Videos Administration & compliance
Videos Chromeleon CDS Data Processing & Reporting Videos Data processing & reporting
Videos Chromeleon CDS Instrument Control Videos Instrument control
Videos Chromeleon CDS Mass Spectrometry Videos Mass spectrometry
Videos Chromeleon CDS User Interface Videos User interface videos
Webinar Top 10 Features of a Successful CDS Webinars
Webinar Getting It Right the First Time Webinars
Webinar Simply Intelligent: CDS Software Goes Mass Spec Webinars
Webinar Maximize Laboratory Productivity Using Streamlined Gas Chromatography Webinars
Webinar Workflows that Automate Sample Preparation, Injection, and Data Acquisition Webinars
Webinar Streamlining Routine Chromatography Analyses Using eWorkflows Webinars
Webinar Chromeleon 7.2 CDS Service Release 2 Features User interface
Webinar Chromeleon 7.2 CDS Service Release 1 Features User interface
White Paper Chromeleon Third-Party Control Instrument control