Automated discrete photometry

Experience rapid analysis for environmental and industrial samples

Discrete photometric analyzers provide excellent analytical performance for colorimetric, enzymatic and electrochemical measurements in a compact, tabletop design. Thermo Scientific™ analyzers cover a wide range of applications including food and beverage analysis, water and soil testing, and industrial quality control. Automated operating systems allow laboratories to measure multiple analytes simultaneously while reducing total analysis time.

We also offer over 50 ready-to-use system reagents to further simplify analysis and reduce costs.  

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Automated discrete photometry categories

Simplify your analysis and reduce the overall cost of testing. Explore the range of Thermo Scientific™ automated discrete photometric analyzers available.


Choose from a continuously expanding selection of tests for automated water quality monitoring and nutrient analysis with Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ and Aquakem System Reagents for Water and Soil Testing. Reduce costs and preparation time by selecting one of our easy-to-use test kits.

Choose from a continuously expanding selection of tests for automated analysis with Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ and Arena™ System Reagents for Food and Beverage testing. Colorimetric or enzymatic analysis is applied for different sugars, acids, and alcohols as well as calcium, copper, magnesium, iron, potassium, free and total SO2, urea, ammonia, protein, and lipase.

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