Reliable analyses without sample preparation

Reliable analyses without sample preparation

Perform accurate and reliable quantitative multi-element analyses at trace levels, even without sample preparation. The Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT 2™ and ELEMENT XR™ High Resolution (sector field) ICP-MS systems cover the mg/L to sub pg/L concentration range and are especially suitable for semiconductor, geological and material science laboratories.

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This high performance, double focusing magnetic sector field ELEMENT 2 ICP-MS is optimized for ease-of-use, stability and productivity, providing access to a powerful technique for solving a specific problem with excellent sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio.

The ELEMENT XR ICP-MS combines a dual mode SEM with a Faraday detector, enabling the linear dynamic range to be increased by an additional three orders of magnitude relative to the ELEMENT 2 ICP-MS.

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Improve performance, convenience and flexibility with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer consumables and accessories designed specifically for your instrument.


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