All-you-need sales, application, training and service for Thermo Scientific materials compounding instruments

Customer service
We are committed to delivering top-notch customer support, including tailored service products and fast response times. We offer a comprehensive range of services that can quickly and flexibly respond to various service needs and requests. Select only the service modules you want. Add modules at the time of equipment purchase, during warranty, or afterward as you need. We offer flexible, customer-centered service modules to cover every type of service challenge: installation, inspection, validation, repairs, maintenance, and training.

Application laboratories and support
We provide a broad range of product and application solutions for all material characterization products, and our team of application specialists is on hand to answer your questions.

Our fully equipped application laboratories are in constant demand for testing customer samples, and developing and optimizing pioneering applications. For our pharmaceutical twin-screw extruders and compounders used in drug formulation and manufacturing, our consultants may advise an application feasibility test of your active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). For special requests, we have labs that can handle high-potency, potentially hazardous APIs for unique feasibility studies. 

Seminars and training courses
We offer comprehensive training programs, in-house seminars, and practical rheology and extrusion courses in various locations around the world. 

On demand webinars
Visit our large offering of on demand webinars to expand the expertise you need at a time convenient for you. The Material Characterization Learning Center hosts webinars about extrusion and compounding, rheology and viscometry and pharmaceutical extrusion.

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