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Move seamlessly through the scale-up process and achieve more cost-effective bioproduction with our new suite of solutions, developed for today’s cell therapies and the production of novel proteins, antibodies, and vaccines.

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Heracell VIOS CO2 Incubators

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Nalgene Polycarbonate Biotainer Bottles and Carboys

Cell Harvesting


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Sorvall LYNX Superspeed Centrifuge Series

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Introducing the new Thermo Scientific Sorvall BIOS 16 Centrifuge

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Capacity For Success


Centrifugation is a powerful tool, playing a critical part in the harvesting, separation and purification procedures of the bioprocessing workflow.

Batch centrifuges that have been specifically designed for use in the bioprocessing industry are intended to undertake separation and purification methods, requiring high quality performance with run-to-run reproducibility and traceability.

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