Useful tools for experiment planning and product comparison

Below is our collection of useful selection guides and tools to help you design your experiments.  Whether you need to choose multiple compatible dyes for imaging experiments or find the right dye for your application, these resources are designed to help.

Featured cell analysis tools

Cell Stain Tool

Stain your own cell using our cell staining tool, for reproducible results with many of our signature fluorescent dyes. Create your perfectly labeled fluorescent cell and share it with your colleagues.

Lab Apps

Explore the different mobile apps available to help you with your cell analysis experiments including the Flow Cytometry Reagent and Protocol Guide, Cell Imaging Reagent and Protocol Guide, the Fluorescence SpectraViewer, and more.

Antibody Search Tool

Explore our extensive portfolio of more than 48,000 high-quality primary and secondary antibodies, supported by an extensive range of antibody-related products and custom services. Our antibody assays are validated by thousands of citations worldwide, helping you achieve superior results in a wide range of detection and purification applications.

Image Gallery

See examples of cells stained for various cell function, cell health, and cell structure parameters.