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A seamless connection between a contract research laboratory (CRO) and their pharmaceutical, biotechnlolgy, or medical device company sponsor is critical. Purpose-built Thermo Scientific LIMS for CRO labs help ensure data are analyzed and stored securely; reviewed, summarized, and presented efficiently; and that all reports and data transmissions meet the requirements of the various regulatory entities involved. 

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Seamless, efficient data integration and sharing

To stay competitive in an increasingly complex and changing business environment, companies across a wide spectrum of industries are relying on contract laboratories. The result of this is that contract research organizations (CROs) and contract laboratories have seen exponential growth by offering a more focused and expertise-rich approach to their services. The major success factor of CRO providers is based on being able to deliver market-specific, high-performance technology with expandable capacity and quicker delivery speed. Because the ultimate product delivered by a contract research lab is data, today’s contract research and testing labs must employ state-of-the-art informatics solutions that enable them integration and sharing of data across any collaborative teams, to speed their processes and improve efficiences, and to connect with their customers outside of the laboratory. Thermo Scientific LIMS for CROs and contract laboratories enable full integration of the laboratory (including instruments and enterprise systems) as well as seamless integration with any external sponsor company. Our LIMS also provide the built-in functionality essential for regulatory compliance, such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 or ISO 17025.

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Published articles

Case studies

 Centralized Biochemical Screening at AstraZeneca: Nautilus LIMS Helps Improve Efficiences in Information Management
 Veeda Clinical Research Implements Watson LIMS to Automate Its Bioanalytical Research Facility
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