The Bac-to-Bac® HBM TOPO® Secreted Expression System enables secreted protein expression via the honeybee melittin (HBM) secretion signal. This expression system is ideal for the study of toxic proteins and glycoproteins (which require a secretion signal to be glycosylated). Also, glycoproteins secreted from baculoviruses can be easily de-glycosylated in vitro—an important feature for protein crystallization. Additional benefits include:

  • TOPO® cloning—the fastest, most reliable, and most referenced cloning technology
  • Saves time by eliminating multiple rounds of plaque purification to purify recombinant baculoviruses
  • Supplied with Cellfectin® II Reagent to ensure easy and efficient transfections
  • Strong polyhedrin promoter generates high levels of expression in a variety of insect cell lines, such as Sf9, Sf21, and High Five™

Bac-to-Bac® HBM Secreted Expression System Kits

We offer two formats of our Bac-to-Bac® HBM TOPO® Secreted Expression System.

  • The Expression System format includes the pFastBac™ HBM TOPO® cloning vector, fast competent cells for cloning, specialized competent cells for bacmid generation, and CellFectin® II transfection reagent.

  • We also offer a Cloning Kit format, which contains the pFastBac™ HBM TOPO® vector and competent cells for cloning the gene of interest.