Storage Instruments

Whether your need is for a simple system for a basic lab or a sophisticated system for an automated environment, we have a Thermo Scientific storage solution for you. Thermo Scientific storage equipment is engineered and tested to work together to ensure sample traceability, sample security and optimal performance.

Popular Storage Equipment

VisionMate Wireless Barcode Reader

Decapper 550 with integrated barcode reader

ALPS30 Manual Heat Sealer

Featured Storage Equipment Categories

From 2D barcode readers to sample handling software, from storage tubes to cappers/decappers and sealers, we offer a full storage and handling product line to enhance your throughput of manual or integrated workflows.

Thermo Scientific Capper and Decappers provide manual and automated decapping and capping of Thermo Scientific Matrix and Thermo Scientific Nunc Tubes with screw top closures.

Our range of heat seals offers many material options including pierceable, clear, and very strong seals. 

The most up-to-date software downloads for our sample storage product line.



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