3730 Series Genetic Analyzers

High throughput.
High quality at the lowest cost.
Unattended automation.

Applied Biosystems 3730 & 3730xl DNA analyzers were developed to meet your high throughput needs while consistently providing robust data.

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High throughput

  • Gold standard Sanger sequencing technology for high throughput genetic analysis
  • Ability to upgrade capacity from 48 to 96 capillaries

High quality

  • High optical sensitivity and advanced polymers enable high-quality data at a lower cost
  • The high signal-to-noise ratio helps ensure high-quality data, even with low-concentration samples and reagents


  • Unattended operation of up to 48 hours
  • Automation features help decrease the risk of human error, including an integrated plate stacker, internal bar code reader, and onboard polymer delivery system

If you have a 3730 or 3730xl genetic analyzer that you no longer use and are interested in exchanging it for cash, please fill out 3730 Buyback Form and email it to CE.Buybacks@thermofisher.com.

Benefits of our 3730 Buyback Program 

  • You can get excellent cash payment for your old 3730 instrument
  • You can purchase new CE instruments to improve your lab productivity using the cash rewards from your old 3730 instrument
  • You can free up your precious lab space by removing your old 3730 instrument at zero cost. We will do it for you!