Neural Stem Cell Information

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With critical applications in basic developmental biology studies as well as regenerative applications, neural stem cells are important tools for scientists in many disciplines. As with all stem cell research, controlling differentiation and fate in neural stem cells is a key to meaningful results. From online protocols to handbooks and webinars, this collection of neural stem cell resources is intended to help ensure your research success.

Neural stem cell features

Gibco Neurobiology Protocol Handbook

This digital handbook contains 23 neurobiology protocols covering the topics of neural cell culture and differentiation, cell analysis, molecular characterization, and transfection.

Video: How to use Gibco PSC Neural Induction Medium

See how Gibco PSC Neural Induction Medium generates up to 20 million neural stem cells from pluripotent stem cells in just 7 days.

Selection guide: Neural cell culture systems

To build the optimal system for your neuronal, glial, or neural stem cell culture needs, explore our product offering by cell type or browse our products designed for specific applications such as electrophysiology or insulin studies.

Tools for Neural Cell Culture of Primary Cells

Having the right components for your complete neural cell culture medium is essential to achieving the best cell culture results. Find the optimal basal medium and supplements for primary neurons, glial cells, and astrocytes using this guide.

Stem Cell Research Resource Library

Access our collection of scientific application notes, protocols, videos, webinars, publications, posters, and more for stem cell research.