Choosing a Tracer—Section 14.1

Membrane-Permeant Reactive Tracers—Section 14.2

  • Thiol-Reactive CellTracker Probes
  • Other Thiol-Reactive Tracers
  • Amine-Reactive Tracers

Polar Tracers—Section 14.3

  • Fixable Polar Tracers
  • Nonfixable Polar Tracers
  • Caged Fluorescent Dye Tracers
  • Fluorescent Retrograde Tracers
  • NeuroTrace Fluorescent Nissl Stains
  • Polar Spin Label
  • Signal Amplification of Polar Tracers
  • Influx Pinocytic Cell-Loading Reagent
  • Loading P2X7 Receptor–Expressing Cells

Tracers for Membrane Labeling—Section 14.4

  • Long-Chain Carbocyanines: DiI, DiO and Analogs
  • DiA and FAST DiA
  • Lipophilic Tracer Sampler Kit
  • Octadecyl Rhodamine B
  • Plasma Membrane Stains
  • Image-iT LIVE Intracellular Membrane and Nuclear Labeling Kit
  • FluoroMyelin Fluorescent Myelin Stains
  • BrainStain Imaging Kit

Fluorescent and Biotinylated Dextrans—Section 14.5

  • Properties of Molecular Probes Dextran Conjugates
  • Loading Cells with Dextrans and Subsequent Tissue Processing
  • Neuronal Tracing with Dextrans
  • Cell Lineage Tracing with Dextrans
  • Studying Intercellular Communication with Dextrans
  • Probing Membrane Permeability with Dextrans
  • Following Endocytosis with Dextrans
  • Tracing Fluid Transport with Dextrans

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Fluorescence SpectraViewer

Microspheres and Qdot Nanocrystals for Tracing—Section 14.6

  • Fluorescent Microspheres for Regional Blood Flow Studies
  • Particle and Cell Tracking with Fluorescent Microspheres
  • Qdot Nanocrystal Tracers

Protein Conjugates—Section 14.7

  • Albumin Conjugates
  • Casein Conjugates
  • Phaseolus vulgaris Leucoagglutinin: An Important Anterograde Tracer
  • Cholera Toxin Subunit B
  • Fluorescent Protein–Based Cytosol Marker
  • Phycobiliproteins
  • Alexa Fluor 488 Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor

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