In May 2005 Invitrogen Corporation (now Thermo Fisher Scientific) acquired Caltag Laboratories and its line of antibodies and reagents for flow cytometry applications. Products formerly offered by Caltag™ are now part of the Molecular Probes® product line.

Molecular Probes® has been at the forefront of invention and development of fluorescent probes for nearly 40 years. We have developed an extensive selection of reagents for the flow cytometry–based interrogation of cell structure, function, and dysfunction.

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Flow Cytometry Antibodies

We offer 24 different fluorescent dyes (including the Alexa Fluor® family of dyes, and Pacific Blue™ and Pacific Orange™ dyes), proteins (PE, PerCP, and APC), and Qdot® probes conjugated to a wide range of antibodies to further expand your multiparametric flow cytometry capabilities. This range of dyes is compatible with all flow cytometers.

Molecular Probes® Flow Cytometry Products and Resource Guide

The Molecular Probes® Flow Cytometry Products and Resource Guide provides an overview of the products and techniques used in the flow cytometry workflow including:

  • Sample preparation—from cell preservation to cell isolation
  • Instrument setup and calibration—from alignment to absolute cell counting
  • Antigen detection—from primary antibodies to custom services
  • Cell analysis—from cell health and viability to phagocytosis

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Flow cytometry tools

Flow Panel Design Tool

Choose antibody conjugates for your panel in 3 steps: 1) pick the antibody species reactivity, 2) select up to 14 targets, and 3) choose the lasers or fluorophores you want to view.

Fluorophore Selection Guide

Use these quick guides to find antibodies and other conjugates of a broad range of fluorescent dyes, fluorescent proteins, Qdot™ probes, and phycobiliproteins.

Fluorescence SpectraViewer

An online tool that allows researchers to assess the spectral compatibility of dyes and probes in the course of designing experiments that utilize fluorescence detection techniques.