Narcotics Identification

TruNarc v1.7 expands library to include 14 additional new fentanyl compounds including carfentanil

The global drug problem continues to increase, with production and trafficking of common street fentanyl analogs including carfentanil, methamphetamines, cocaine, MDMA (ecstasy) heroin, and cathinones (bath salts) impacting communities worldwide and stressing already constrained investigative resources. Now, mexedrone, carfentanil, acrylfentanyl, and common street fentanyl analogs have become potent threats. Narcotics detectives, crime labs, customs agents, and law enforcement personnel all struggle with the need for safe and rapid analysis of suspected illegal drugs in order to prioritize evidence and speed prosecutions.

Bring the accuracy and reliability of a lab-proven technology directly to the scene with the Thermo Scientific™ TruNarc™ handheld narcotics analyzer. The TruNarc analyzer easily and quickly identifies multiple controlled substances including narcotics, synthetic drugs, cutting agents, and precursor materials in a single test using non-destructive, non-contact sampling to preserve evidence.

See how the TruNarc analyzer can streamline presumptive ID and prosecution while reducing lab backlogs.

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Identify drugs at the crime scene
Fentanyl compounds

Fentanyl compounds

TruNarc v1.7 adds field identification capability for many new high priority Alarm substances including several fentanyl derivatives, with the major addition of carfentanil, acrylfentanyl, fentanyl precursors (NPP and ANPP) and pharmaceutical variants (Alfentanil and Sufentanil).

Synthetic cathinones represent a global health crisis—and a tough law enforcement challenge. The TruNarc handheld analyzer is designed to identify numerous synthetic cathinones right at the scene, even those that are similar in appearance.

Drug testing with handheld Raman technology

In 40 states and 40+ countries
The TruNarc analyzer sees "tremendous momentum" in the way field identification is conducted.

Portable illegal drug identification
Clear, definitive drug-testing results

Scan a sample for multiple narcotics in one single test. The TruNarc handheld narcotics analyzer is a handheld Raman system for rapid identification of suspected illegal drugs without direct contact for most samples. A single test for multiple controlled substances provides law enforcement with clear, definitive results for presumptive identification. Lightweight and easy to use, the TruNarc device delivers fast and accurate narcotics analysis anywhere it’s needed.

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