Cell Analysis Learning Center

Learn about cell analysis methods and technologies

The term cell analysis encompasses a broad range of applications, instrumentation and products that can be used to understand cellular function. The purpose of this learning center is to connect scientists (whether new or experienced) to our many resources for learning about cell analysis applications, techniques and basic principles by providing a few key points of entry into the vast content.

Cell analysis guided learning

Molecular Probes School of Fluorescence

The modules within the School of Fluorescence were developed by our in-house bench scientists. It was our aim to cover everything we wish we'd known when we first started working with fluorescent reagents, including background information on the basics of fluorescence and practical tips for your experimental design and protocols.

Cell analysis features

Molecular Probes Handbook—Fundamentals of Fluorescence Tutorials

Need to brush up on your fluorescence terminology, or are you new to fluorescence? This section of the Molecular Probes™ Handbook gives readers very detailed descriptions of how fluorescence works and includes easy-to-understand video tutorials about fluorescence basics.

Cell Analysis Protocols

Find step-by-step instructions for successful fluorescence-based assays to measure cell proliferation and viability as well as protocols for the specific visualization of cell structures. Protocols are arranged by application and also by analysis platform (for example, imaging, flow cytometry, HCS, and microplate instruments).

Cell Analysis Resource Library

Access a targeted collection of scientific application notes, publications, videos, webinars, and scientific posters for cell analysis.