Sample Preparation Assays for Flow Cytometry

Quality data requires quality starting material. Achieve the best possible results with highly referenced sample preparation reagents for flow cytometry including FIX & PERM® Reagents, Cell Lysis & Pereservation assays, blocking reagents, and Dynabeads® for Cell Isolation.

FIX & PERM® Fixation & Permeabilization Kits

Fix & Perm Products  

Discover fixation and permeabilization of cells without affecting morphological scatter characteristics.

Cell Lysis & Preservation Solutions

Cell Lysis & Preservation Solutions  

Efficient reagents for the lysis of erythrocytes and preservation of whole blood samples.

Dynabeads® for
Cell Isolation

Dynabeads® Cell Isolation Products  

The gentle Dynabeads® tube-based cell separation is the technology of choice when you need high yields of pure, viable and functional cells.

Blocking Reagents for Flow Cytometry

Blocking Reagents for Flow Cytometry  

Reduce background with normal serums from mouse, rat, goat, and rabbit.