Expanding options for violet laser-excitable antibody conjugates

Super Bright dyes vs. Brilliant Violet dyes for flow cytometry

  • Super Bright antibody conjugates have comparable brightness to Brilliant Violet™ conjugates 
  • Both can be utilized in flow cytometry applications, typically without a need to adjust standard workflows
  • Both dye families are violet laser–excitable polymer dyes
  • Both require use of a special buffer to reduce nonspecific dye-dye interactions when two or more polymer-dye antibody conjugates are used

Super Bright dye antibody conjugates selection guide

Dye Super Bright 436 Super Bright 600 Super Bright 645 Super Bright 702
Comparable to Brilliant Violet™ 421
Brilliant Violet™ 605
Brilliant Violet™ 650
Brilliant Violet™ 711
  • Similar to Brilliant Violet™ 421
  • Brighter than eFluor 450 and Pacific blue antibody conjugates
  • Similar to Brilliant Violet™ 605
  • Brighter than Pacific Orange antibody conjugates
  • Similar and sometimes superior brightness to Brilliant Violet™ 650
  • Similar to Brilliant Violet™ 711
Excitation  violet (405 nm) violet (405 nm) violet (405 nm) violet (405 nm)
Emission  436 nm 600 nm 645 nm 702 nm
Suggested bandpass filter 450/50 610/20 660/20 710/50
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