ClaI nucleotide recognition sequence
Figure color legend
Name derivation: Caryophanon latum L
Recognition and Cutting site: AT^CG AT
Resulting DNA Ends: 5′ protruding ends
Prototype: ClaI
Isoschizomers: Bsu15I, BseCI, BshVI, BspDI,  BsuTUI
Sensitivity to methylation:  CpG blocked, Dam blocked if overlapped
Neoschizomers None
Anza RE generating compatible ends Anza™ 65 MspI, Anza™ 88 Bsp119I, Anza™ 93 HpaII, Anza™ 103 Psp1406I, Anza™ 105 Hin1I, Anza™ 123 Hin6I, Anza™ 96 XmiI* (*if recognized sequence is 5'-GTCGAC-3')