MultiShot™ StripWell competent cells are packaged in versatile stripwell tubes (50-µl aliquots), making them ideal for efficient High-throughput (HTP) as well as medium-throughput cloning applications.

Which Competent Cell Strain is Right for You?

  96-well plate format for HTP cloning Versatile stripwell tubes for medium to HTP applications Highest efficiency in versatile stripwell format
Top Seller   yes
Format96-well plates for automated applications12 strips of 8 tubes in a 96-well plate format12 strips of 8 tubes in a 96-well plate format
FlexibilityUse as needed8 reaction combinations
Volume / well15 µL50 µL50 µL
Kit size5 plates1 plate1 plate
Transformation efficiency>1x108 cfu/µg>1x108 cfu/µg>1x109 cfu/µg
T1 and T5 Phage resistant (ton A)yes
Time to pick coloniesOvernightOvernightSame day
Time to purify plasmid DNA after inoculationOvernightOvernightAs soon as 4 hrs
mcrA for efficient transformation of methylated DNA from genomic preparationsyesyes
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