Unlike eukaryotic cells, yeast and many bacterial strains are protected by cell walls that can be difficult to disrupt. As a first step, effective cell lysis (typically via mechanical disruption or enzymatic pretreatment) is required prior to any RNA isolation procedure.

A range of products developed by the Ambion® RNA experts will help you isolate high yields of pure, intact RNA from bacteria and yeast.

Which Yeast RNA Extraction Kit is Right for You?

Rapid & fully automated Quick & easy to use Designed for rigid yeast cell walls while maintaining expression profiles
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  Platinum® Taq MagMAX™ for Microarrays Total RNA Isolation Kit PureLink® RNA Mini Kit RiboPure™-Yeast Kit
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Includes specialized beads for cell lysis No No Zirconia beads
Isolation method Scalable, flexible format for highest purity; includes organic extraction and magnetic beads Fast, convenient silica column Highest purity and convenience; includes both organic extraction and silica column
Prep time <1 hour 20 minutes 90 minutes (includes DNase treatment)
Amount of starting material Up to 5 x 106 cells Up to 5 x 108 cells Up to 3 x 108 cells
High throughput compatible
Kit size 96 preps 50 preps 50 preps