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Achieve new levels of performance with tailored lab automation solutions, from instrument loading to incubation and integration services. Our lab automation software is a powerful tool that helps labs achieve standardized, real-time analysis, helping to eliminate customized data handling that is often error-prone.

  • Applications: Drug discovery, drug development, biotechnology, HTS/HCS screening, ELISA and variants, closed-loop/secondary screening, sample preparation/extraction, compound management and hit picking, automated cell research applications, functional genomics and target identification, proteomics workflows, chromatography and mass spectrometry, laboratory workflow management


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The Thermo Scientific™ Momentum Integration Software offers standardized, real-time data-driven decision making to help reduce errors in data handling. Achieve new levels of power, performance, and simplicity with this automated software. Features include:

  • Powerful yet easy-to-use visual environment
  • Multiple workflows
  • Open topology editor that allows the user to specify design, configuration, and operation parameters
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