ART pipette tips
Tips that fit any pipette in your lab

Thermo Scientific™ ART™ tips offer a complete selection of barrier, non-filter and specialty tips so it’s easier than ever to find a tip to fit virtually any pipette or application in your lab.

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ART Barrier Tips

Prevent aerosol contamination with self-sealing barrier tips.

ART Barrier Tips

ART Non-Filter Tips

Proven ART quality tips ranging from 10µL to 10mL.

ART Non-Filter Tips

ART Specialty Tips

Available in wide bore, gel loading and extended length tips.

ART Specialty Tips

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ART barrier vs. traditional filter tips

ART barrier tips differ from traditional filter tips. ART self-sealing barrier tips are the only tips that seal completely to prevent sample from touching the pipette tip cone. When the barrier seals it serves as a warning to the user of potential pipette contamination.

Researchers have made ART self-sealing barrier tips their first choice in sample protection. ART barrier tips provide 100% security against aerosol and liquid contamination.

The ART Barrier prevents cross contamination by blocking the passage of aerosols, liquids, radioactive isotopes, and biologic materials to the pipette or to subsequent samples in an experiment.

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Maximize sample recovery

Standard vs ART tips comparison
The recovery

Low retention pipette tips enhances sample recovery significantly compared to standard pipette tips. Inert hydrophobic polymer technology reduces sample loss due to adhesion within the tip.

The result
  • Less liquid retention to improve liquid handling
  • Improve volume accuracy to increase reliability
  • Precise sample delivery to save expensive reagents

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More, reliable tips that produce less waste and save space

Its an original. The ART Barrier and Non-Filtered Reload System provides an environmentally sustainable solution while maintaining stringent quality and sterility standards. With offset wells that allow the tips to stack, this advanced system reduces waste by up to 54%, compared to hinge racks and takes up to 55% less bench top and storage space.

Discover greener alternatives with Art Reload Pipette Tip Towers!
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ART Gel Loading Tips

Gel loading tips

Microtip design fits between the glass plates that are 1 or 1.5mm thick to access wells, allowing easy loading of wells. plus the added security of the ART barrier protects your pipette from contamination.

20µL Gilson Pipetman

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