Protease inhibitor cocktails and tablets target serine, cysteine, and aspartic acid proteases, and aminopeptidases. Metalloproteases are inhibited by the addition of EDTA, which is available in a separate vial in the liquid format, but included in the tablet format.

Thermo Scientific Halt liquid cocktails are available in 100 μL single-use format or 1, 5 and 10 mL pack sizes; the Thermo Scientific Pierce tablets come in two sizes for 10 or 50 mL volumes, to accommodate different volume and pricing needs. These tablets are formulated to dissolve quickly into a clear solution, and are fully compatible with all Pierce protein assays.

Choose the protease inhibitor format (liquid or tablet) for your experiment

  Halt Protease Inhibitor Cocktail Halt Protease Inhibitor Cocktail, EDTA free Pierce Protease Inhibitor tablet

Pierce Protease Inhibitor mini tablet
Pierce Protease Inhibitor tablet, EDTA Free

Pierce Protease Inhibitor mini tablet, EDTA Free
Flexible addition based on sample volume Yes Yes No No
Contain EDTA Yes, but in a separate vial No Yes No
Contain DMSO Yes Yes No No
Requires reconstitution No (100X) No (100X) Yes Yes
Downstream compatibility Not compatible with 2D or IMAC All Not compatible with 2D or IMAC All
Pricing Premium Premium Economical Economical
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How to stop unwanted protease activity

Protease inhibition by cell and tissue type

Figure 1. The tablet formulation inhibits protease activity in different tissue lysates and cell lines. Protease activity of cell and tissue lysates (1 mg/mL) was determined in the presence and absence of prepared Pierce Protease Inhibitor Tablet. The percentage of protease inhibition is indicated.