When used in combination with a biotinylated probe / ligand, any target molecule can be captured on the streptavidin-coupled Dynabeads®, isolated and further manipulated.
Streptavidin How Works
Direct or indirect capture?
Depending on your target molecule and the specific application, the direct or indirect capture method can be applied.

For some applications, using a pre-coupled ligand for direct capture allows you to reuse the Dynabeads® and thus further reduce sample preparation costs.

An indirect approach can be of benefit when the concentration of your target is low, the specific affinity is weak or the binding kinetics is slow. In the indirect approach, the probe/ligand is allowed to bind to the target in suspension prior to addition of the beads.

A monolayer of streptavidin is covalently coupled to the Dynabeads®, ensuring negligible leakage that could otherwise disturb your assay.