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Streamline your sample tracking with barcoded PCR plates. All Thermo Scientific fully skirted and semi-skirted PCR plates are available with random, off-the-shelf barcoding or custom barcoding for complete flexibility. All of our barcodes deliver reliable reading performance and durability for secure and efficient tracking. Barcode labels are scratch-resistant and are able to withstand chemical exposures and wide temperature extremes from -196°C to +120°C.

96-well PCR Plates, Barcoded

384-well PCR Plates, Barcoded

Custom barcoding

All semi and fully-skirted PCR plates and storage plates can be barcoded. Choose plate type, barcode format, label size, barcode density, sequence, and positioning. Please refer to the Custom Barcode Order Form for a full listing. The minimum order for custom barcoded product is 1,000 plates.

The process for placing an order for a custom barcode product is as follows:

  1. Please submit a completed Custom Barcode Order Form to one of the addresses below.
  2. A quotation and custom part code will then be generated.
  3. Manufacture of the custom bar coded product will only commence on receipt of a complete order at the quotation price.

Product will be shipped up 10 weeks from receipt of order.