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All samples require some form of preparation prior to study or analysis by mass spectrometry to remove detergents, reduce the complexity of the sample when focusing on specific proteins and/or tag proteins for identification/quantitation. Proper sample preparation is critical for mass spectrometry analysis, because the quality and reproducibility of sample extraction and preparation significantly impact results from mass spectrometry systems instruments. Sample preparation encompasses a wide range of techniques that includes offline lysate preparation, protein or peptide enrichment, sample clean-up and protein digestion.

For a combination of automated online sample preparation with integrated sample separation, view information on TurboFlow™ technology found in the sample separation area.

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David Sarracino, Manager of Biomarker Workflows with Thermo Scientific discusses various sample preparation techniques designed to assist clinical translational researches improve their toughest challenges when working with biological samples.  He reviews new products to improve sample clean up in both discovery and targeted quantitation biomarker analysis.

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Protein-to-data within an hour.

Fast and reproducible protein digestion for improved sequence coverage and data quality over traditional in-solution digestion.

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Consistency without blocking.

Obtain greater reproducibility with cleaner, more consistent extracts. Revolutionize SPE with fritless technology. Available in a variety of formats to fit your laboratory’s needs.

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Introduction to protein sample preparation

Use our optimized kits for peptide and protein analysis (proteomics and translational research) by mass spectrometry (MS) and high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), reagents, and devices for a variety of mass spectrometry workflows and applications, including protein (peptide) quantitation, sample preparation, instrument calibration and QC, and plasma protein binding assays.

Reagents and kits to enable robust and reproducible protein extraction, enrichment, clean-up, digestion, peptide enrichment and clean-up for mass spec analysis.

Mass spec calibration solutions are ready-to-use liquid formulations that can quickly calibrate LC-MS instrumentation; validated standards are available for sensitivity assessment, determination of digestion efficiency, or as a control for complex sample analysis.

Reagents and kits to enable multiplex discovery research, utilizing SILAC technology or isobaric labeling; targeted research is enabled by isotopically labeled peptide standards using HeavyPeptide technology.

Tools and devices, including the RED (Rapid Equilibrium Dialysis) systems, for conducting protein-binding studies; these devices have been validated in human plasma protein-binding assays with high-, medium- and low-protein binding compounds.

Workflow for Protein Mass Spectrometry

Our scientists recognize the need for integrated proteomics solutions and continually strive to develop products and technologies that are compatible and supportive of MS analysis.

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Introduction to solid phase extraction (SPE)

Discover the solid phase and protein precipitation sample preparation solution that fits your laboratory and application. Our comprehensive range of innovative solid phase extraction sample preparation technologies deliver clean and consistent extractions for subsequent analyses for both offline and online workflows; in variety of formats from tips, to cartridges, to columns to plates - to fit your unique sample preparation demands.

Accelerated solvent extraction generates results in a fraction of the time compared to techniques such as Soxhlet and sonication. Patented technique extracts solid and semisolid sample matrices using common solvents at elevated temperatures and pressures.

SOLA in action

Automate solid phase extraction (SPE) for large-volume aqueous samples.  Processes up to six samples in parallel—from cartridge/disk conditioning and sample loading, to rinsing and elution—making samples ready for chromatographic analysis.

Your sample is precious and you cannot afford failures. Discover the sample preparation solution that fits your laboratory and application.