• Obtain a higher level of resolution with fewer ambiguities.
  • Use with UniMatch® PLUS Software interpretation software
  • Reduce labor—includes dried, predispensed primer mixes, pre-aliquoted buffer, and a negative control well for each test.

Benefits of using AllSet+™ Gold HLA Typing Kits

  • Convenient product format
  • Rapid - suitable for on-call typing
  • Easy technique and interpretation
  • Convenient shipping and storage conditions
  • Frequently updated for new alleles
  • Superior technical and customer service 

Key features of AllSet+™ Gold HLA Typing Kits

  • One technique for all products
  • Ready to use, pre-aliquoted primers
  • Mastermix included
  • Stored at +4°C
  • Color coded negative control

AllSet+™ Gold SSP Assay

Products consist of panels of primer mixes where each primer mix contains one or more specific primer pairs A perfectly matched primer will be more efficiently used in the PCR reaction than a primer with one or several mismatches in its 3' -end.

The PCR-SSP technique provides a high degree of resolution.