Ramsey Weigh Belt Feeder

Reduce waste, maintain consistency, increase profits

Precise feeding of process materials is often critical to maintaining product quality. An accurate and reliable weigh feeder can reduce material waste, help maintain blend consistency, increase profits, and meet customer specifications.

Thermo Scientific™ Ramsey™ weighbelt feeders accurately control process material feed rates. Whether it is raw material for raw mix proportioning or coal for the kiln, we have the right feeder for your application. Our loss-in-weight feeders are an excellent choice for dry, dusty, or variable-density materials.

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Popular bulk weighing products

Ramsey™ Model 90.100 Heavy Duty Weighbelt Feeder

Ramsey™ Model 90.125 Mid-Range Weighbelt Feeder

Ramsey™ Model 90.150 Low Capacity Weighbelt Feeder

Featured weighbelt feeders

Improve accuracy in high-rate, heavy-duty applications with the Ramsey 90.100 Heavy Duty Weighbelt Feeder. It accommodates flow rates of up to 816 metric tons (900 tons) per hour, and belt loadings up to 447 kg/m (300 lb/ft).

Measure industrial materials at moderate feed rates with the Ramsey 90.125 Mid-Range Weighbelt Feeder. A unique cantilevered and formed channel frame design provides a sturdy weigh structure and allows for easy maintenance.

Increase sensitivity for more accurate weighing of the lightest materials with the Ramsey 90.150 Low Capacity Weighbelt Feeder. This weighbelt feeder provides a consistent flow of material and permits easy cleaning and maintenance.

Improve blending and ratio control with the Ramsey Micro-Tech 9105 Weighbelt Feeder Controller. This specialized, multi-functional digital control device incorporates all weighing, logic, and control functions into a single dedicated package.

Accurately control the flow of powders, pellets, flakes, or granules to critical processes using Ramsey Loss-In-Weight and Volumetric Feeders.


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