Innovative vial design. Unmatched performance.

Innovative vial design, unmatched performance

Thermo Scientific™ National™ SureStop™ and Thermo Scientific™ Chromacol™ SureStop™ vials and closures help to ensure that you have optimal compression when sealing your vial. These vials and closures are designed with the Advance Vial Closure System (AVCS) technology, which provides a definite stop point when screwing the cap on and thereby, preventing over-tightening. The vial system offers the sealing and performance characteristics of a crimp top vial with the versatility of a threaded vial.

What SureStop means to your laboratory

Our National SureStop and Chromacol SureStop vials and closures help to ensure that you have optimal compression when sealing your vial—affording confidence that your sample is secure. Analytical consistency will improve as a result of the elimination of evaporation differences between samples. When consistency improves, data quality improves.

SureStop vial and closure features

  • Provides a consistent seal independent of user or the amount of torque applied when closing vial
  • Provides optimal septum compression across the opening of the vial
  • Allows positioning of the closure to be consistently "flat," producing a more cylindrical vial profile, which improves autosampler recognition and compatibility
  • Offers one of the best sealing vial/closures on the market when used with our 9-SCK or C5000 closures
  • Allows use with nearly every autosampler on the market
  • Yields the lowest loss-to-evaporation and the lowest standard deviation in evaporation studies when compared to other 2 mL vials

A customer's experience

Thomas Lomangino, Laboratory Director, United States Equestrian Federation

Thomas Lomangino
Laboratory Director
United States Equestrian Federation

Biography: Drug testing laboratory director/chief analyst with over 35 years experience in isolation, purification, and identification of drugs and/or metabolites from biological samples post-event.

Testimonial: We had significant issues with septum push-through and subsequent loss of prepared sample extracts, negative controls, positive controls, and analytical standards negatively affecting our efficiency. AVCS has eliminated the issue from the laboratory.

  • Samples can now be more uniformly capped and sealed by technical staff without causing septa to stress and become convex or concave inside the caps.
  • Sample-to-sample injection variation has been reduced.
  • Very easy to use by everyone
  • All samples are in limited-volume inserts, both untreated and silanized.
  • Supports sample integrity—even with reagent blank multiple use

We are very thankful for the effort put forth to solve this issue. We employ several instruments with autosamplers. Much time and expense has been devoted to understanding how expensive and counterproductive an expendable item can be.

SureStop vials and closure products

*Limit one per person. Sorry, but we cannot provide free samples to healthcare or health service providers.