Environmental Monitoring Instrument Services
Driving performance—the road to optimal efficiency and reliability

We provide a wide range of Thermo Scientific™ air quality instrument services designed around the unique requirements of your industry. We maintain and stand behind the performance of Thermo Scientific instruments so that you get reliable, accurate and precise results. 

Access a professional, qualified team that includes an integrated customer service group, technical training, technical support, factory depot repair and regionalized field service. Discover how you can maximize your investment with environmental monitoring instrument services. 

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Customizable and cost-effective service solutions to maximize your investment

Thermo Scientific™ Service Solutions are a vital component of your product’s lifecycle. These comprehensive solutions are exclusively created to drive optimal performance of your critical instruments that demand maximum uptime.

We understand the strict regulatory compliance and reporting needed to operate efficiently and profitably within your industry. When you partner with Thermo Scientific, you gain access to engineers trained within the same factory your instruments were manufactured. Our service offerings include:


  • Extended warranty agreements 
  • Standard depot service 
  • Expedited depot service
  • Preventative maintenance field service 
  • Advanced field service 
  • Premium field service 

Service level descriptions are available for the following product lines:

  Mercury emissions system (Thermo Scientific™ Mercury Freedom System)
  Source/CEMS gas analyzers
  Ambient air monitoring 
  Toxic vapor analyzers (Thermo Scientific™ TVA2020 Toxic Vapor Analyzer, Thermo Scientific™ TVA1000 Toxic Vapor Analyzer)
  Portable ambient analyzers (Thermo Scientific™ MIRAN SapphIRe Portable Ambient Analyzers)

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Driving performance—the road to optimal efficiency and reliability

Field service for onsite service and support
Our expanded regionalized field service team can be dispatched to your site to minimize system downtime during an emergency or for routine preventive maintenance. Experienced and reliable regional field service engineers and fast response times are included in our tiered service agreements.

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Factory depot repair
Our factory depot repair service is designed for our customers to easily ship equipment for repair and maintenance directly to our factory. Standard and expedited multi-year service agreements are available and include quick turnaround time by factory-trained technicians with detailed repair reporting. 

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Factory-certified spare parts

Keep Your System Up and Running

To keep your system running and properly collecting data, it’s important to have spare parts on hand. Extend the life of your instrument with Thermo Scientific factory-certified spare parts. We stock inventories for replacement parts critical to maintaining your plant operations and we offer 2-day response times and fast shipping for many parts. Spare parts kits are available to ensure maximum uptime of your Thermo Scientific instrument during its life cycle.

Spare parts kits are available for the following Thermo Scientific instruments:

  17i   42i-Y   48i-HL   51i-LT
  42i   43i   48i-TLE   55i
  42i-HL   43i-HL   49i   410i
  42i-D   43i-TLE   49i-PS   450i
  42i-LS   46i   51i-HT   111 Zero Air Supply
  42i-TL   48i    
  Partisol 2000i   Partisol 2000i-D   Partisol 2025i   Partisol 2025i-D
  TEOM Monitor   TEOM-D Monitor   TEOM-F Monitor   TEOM-DF Monitor

If your product is not listed above, please submit your request to our customer service team.

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Technical training

Our technical training courses provide the product knowledge and advanced skills needed for optimizing the investment in your equipment. Attend one of our classes and become an expert on these products:

Gas analyzers and systems
Sulfur analyzers
Particulate samplers
Industrial hygiene instruments

Visit our 2017 Technical Training site to view the full schedule of classes, register for a class, or submit a request for a custom class. We customize classes to a topic of your preference and custom classes can be held at our site or yours. You can also download our 2017 Technical Training Course Calendar.

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