The PrepFiler® kit's easy-to-use, magnetic particle technology adapts easily to automation on various liquid handling platforms. The kit is available in two package sizes, a smaller one for use with manual extraction protocols for low to medium throughput laboratories, and a larger one more suited to higher throughput, automated workflows.

In addition, the AutoMate Express™ Forensic DNA Extraction System provides an easy to use, robust bench-top instrument that utilizes the same PrepFiler® and PrepFiler® BTA chemistries packaged in pre-filled, foil sealed cartridges.

To facilitate automation of the extraction process, validated protocols, scripts and software for the PrepFiler® kit on the Tecan Freedom EVO® 150 robotic platform have been developed as part of the HID EVOlution™ Extraction System. The HID EVOlution™ Extraction System is a validated solution that seamlessly integrates:

  • The PrepFiler™ kit for isolation of high yield, high quality DNA from forensic samples
  • The Tecan Freedom EVO® 150 automated liquid-handling workstation for robust, reliable DNA extraction of 1-96 samples in under 2.5 hours
  • The HID EVOlution™ Software for quick implementation, simple run-to-run start up, and easy data transfer

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