The PrepFiler™ kit uses a combination of uniquely structured magnetic particles and a multi-component surface chemistry optimized to provide extremely efficient DNA binding capacity and maximum DNA recovery. The magnetized DNA complex remains stable during wash steps while removing inhibitors, and enables the efficient release of DNA during elution to deliver a high yield of high quality DNA.

As shown below, the PrepFiler™ kit components and protocols have been optimized to maximize performance at each step in the extraction workflow.

Click here to view an animation of the PrepFiler™ kit's polymer-embedded magnetic particles.
Workflow Step Kit Component The PrepFiler™ Difference
LysisPrepFiler™ Lysis Buffer
  • Special formulation of detergents and chaotropic salts creates better lysis conditions for optimal liberation of DNA from the biological material.
  • Optimized protocols, with the option to use larger volumes of lysis solution, enable more efficient DNA extraction from a range of sample types and substrates, including highly absorbent material.
Substrate RemovalPrepFiler™ Filter Column (manual kit) or PrepFiler™ Filter Plate (automated kit)
  • Dedicated plastics designed to easily separate substrate (swab, cloth, etc.) from the lysed sample, provided in single and 96-well format.
DNA BindingPrepFiler™ Magnetic Particles
  • Polymer-embedded magnetic particles are much smaller in comparison to other commonly used magnetic extraction technologies, resulting in the following:
    • A larger surface area with higher DNA binding capacity
    • More easily distributed particles, which maximizes the interface between the PrepFiler™ reagents and the magnetic particles, facilitating more effective DNA capture.
  • Uniquely designed reagent components, in combination with the composite structure of the magnetic particles, enable maximum DNA capture and stable DNA/particles complex formation.
Wash/PurifyPrepFiler™ Wash Buffer
  • Specially formulated wash solution maximizes the removal of most PCR inhibitors while minimizing the loss of DNA during the wash step.
DNA ElutionPrepFiler™ Elution Buffer
  • Combination of unique polymer-embedded magnetic particles and PrepFiler™ reagent components enable effective DNA release into the elution buffer.
  • Elution conditions have been optimized for maximum elution efficiency and recovery of purified DNA.