TSQ™ Triple Quadrupole LC-MS systems

Confident quantitation: Every molecule, every matrix, every user

Experience robust, sensitive, and fast quantitation of all molecule types in complex matrices with the Thermo Scientific TSQ Triple Quadrupole LC-MS Systems. These systems offer segmented quadrupole analyzers with high resolution single reaction monitoring (SRM), while their enhanced detectors achieve optimal performance across a wide mass range in every application domain.

Featured triple quadrupole LC-MS products

Achieve ultimate sensitivity and robustness without compromise. The TSQ Altis Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer features segmented quadrupoles with hyperbolic faces, an enhanced dual-mode discrete-dynode electron multiplier detector, and high-resolution SRM (0.2 FWHM) for unprecedented sensitivity, selectivity, and speed as well as unmatched analytical flexibility, reproducibility, and outstanding precision. TSQ Altis enables every analytical laboratory to successfully address its most demanding applications.

Ease-of-use, increased robustness, and maximum productivity are the benefits of the TSQ Fortis Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer, thanks to features including segmented quadrupoles, an enhanced dual-mode discrete-dynode electron multiplier detector, ion beam guide with neutral blocker, and an active collision cell with axial DC field. This system also offers intuitive, workflow-driven software platforms and solutions that support environmental, food safety, clinical research, forensic toxicology, and pharmaceutical applications, regardless of user or technical skill level. Its robust design ensures reliable and consistent results, whether the methods are single sample-based experiments or high-volume screenings and quantitations.

Simplify everyday analytical workflows with the Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantis Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer, which offers outstanding robustness and sensitivity. With its segmented quadrupoles, an enhanced dual-mode discrete-dynode electron multiplier detector, and high-resolution SRM (0.4 FWHM), the TSQ Quantis offers excellent sensitivity with outstanding robustness and precision. TSQ Quantis meets every targeted quantitation workflow requirement with an ease-of-use that ensures quality data from every user, every molecule, and every analytical lab.

Address your laboratory's demands for sensitive, robust, and routine quantitation assays with the TSQ Endura Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer. This triple quadrupole LC-MS is an ideal workhorse that comprises three quadrupoles for fast full-scan MS and MS/MS analysis of molecules of all types. Regardless of the expertise of MS users in your laboratory, TSQ Endura helps you meet the demands of your quantitation assays with ease while reducing your cost/sample.

Reduce cost per sample and maintain outstanding value with the Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum Access MAX LC-MS. This system offers quantitation capabilities for every laboratory environment, molecule type, and expertise level via an Ion MAX API source as well as two quadrupole analyzers and a quadrupole collision cell. Together, these features enable full-scan MS and selected ion/reaction monitoring, plus advanced scanning functions such as QED-MS/MS and reversed energy ramp.



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