• Provides easy, targeted assessment of efflux transporters
  • Have high signal-to-back ratios
  • Are available for a wide selection or species and transporters

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ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter vesicles are easy-to-use, efficient reagents for early assessment of a drug candidate’s substrate and drug interaction potential.  Prepared from Sf9 cells which have been engineered to over-express specific ABC transporters, these “inside-out” vesicles provide high levels of transporter activity with low background, giving you a clear signal if your compound is a substrate or inhibitor of a specific efflux transporter.  ABC Transporter Vesicles, which have an inside-out structure, are prepared from ABC transporter membranes for use in vesicular transport assays.  While ABC transporters typically mediate the efflux of substrates from cells, transporters expressed on these inside-out vesicles import substrates into the vesicles.  It is therefore possible to quantitatively evaluate transport activity for your compound by determining the amount incorporated into the vesicles. 

GenoMembrane’s products are prepared by technically advanced methodologies using plasma membrane purified from an insect cell system (Sf9 cells transfected with baculovirus) over-expressing ABC transporters.  Our vesicles have superior activities compared to competitor products.

Note: One vial of vesicle product can perform 50 vesicular transport assays.