Complete formulations
  • Homogeneous distribution of minute formulation components
  • Complete complex formulations in a dry format, including serum-free, protein-free and chemically-defined nutrient media
  • Pre-adjusted to the appropriate pH and osmolality
  • Require only standard supplementation with L-glutamine for L-glutamine dependent systems
  • Can be customized for modified catalog and customers’ proprietary formulations

Granular format

  • Dissolves instantly for faster media preparation times
  • Dust-free granules reduce mess and environmental contamination
  • Performance equivalent to liquid media

Workflow improvement

  • Reduce total cycle costs due to lower number of components, decreasing time involved in raw material planning, procurement and testing
  • Faster and easier media preparation, with less potential for error
  • Easy to scale up from research through production, in batch sizes from 2Kg to 6000Kg
  • Available in various packaging options

AGT™ Takes You From Bench To Manufacturing Scale

   Research &




AGT™ media provides an opportunity for greater consistency in media performance by allowing you to use the same media format from R&D to commercial manufacturing.  At your request, we can manufacture liquid media for your small-scale needs by first producing an AGT™ powder made to your specifications and then rehydrating it to be packaged in bottles or bags for convenient use.  When you are ready to scale up to larger volumes that are better supported with a dry format, the AGT™ powder will become your final product, which we will provide to you in buckets or large drums.

More Cost Effective

We have created an Excel-based customizable AGT™ Value Model spreadsheet that will help you see how your company will save money by using AGT™ media instead of conventional dry powder media. 

View a snapshot of our AGT™ Value Model.

Contact your Bioproduction Specialist to request a customized version of this model for your site.

Faster Rehydration

Watch the AGT™ Media Rehydration video to see a side-by-side solubilization of AGT™ and conventional dry powder media in the lab environment.

More Flexibility With Disposable Systems

AGT™ is a versatile media format that can be used with many mixing systems.  Data show that various leading disposable mixing systems utilizing different mixing technologies all show a high degree of mixing efficiency with AGT™ media.

View the AGT™ mixing efficiency data