Powerful performance in a base medium

Gibco™ Dynamis™ Medium provides the power to achieve higher titers, faster process development, and seamless scale-up.

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  • Achieved 74% higher titer compared to the next-best competitor, with highest growth in titer from day 14 to day 21 at 30%
  • Maintained higher cell densities and cell viabilities than competitors' media when fed with glucose
  • Advanced Granulation Technology™ (AGT™) dry media format enables a simple and scalable reconstitution process-just add water

See the data behind the claims

Dynamis Medium achieved 74% higher titer when compared to the next-best competitor, with glucose-only fed media

A IgG-producing internal CHO clone was cultured in Dynamis Medium or other commercially available media for a period of up to 21 days with glucose levels maintained via supplementation. Titer values were normalized to 100% to the best competitor on Day 14. Not all media could sustain culture viability to the 21-day time point.

Dynamis Medium and ActiCHO P Medium had equivalent titer growth at day 14, in fed-batch culture, but Dynamis Medium had additional titer growth at day 18

An IgG-producing CHO-DG44 external cell line was cultured in Dynamis Medium and EfficientFeed C+ Supplement and other commercially available media and feeds for a period of up to 18 days.  Titer values normalized to 100% to the best competitor on Day 18. 

AchtiCHO could not sustain culture viability to the 18-day time point. Balance CD CHO was close to Dynamis Medium in titer growth, but required 3 times more the feeding volume.

Dynamis Medium enables faster cell growth, higher sustained cell concentrations and overall IVCD results in higher volumetric titers

DG44 IgG producing cell line, when supplemented with just glucose over 21 days, showed that Dynamis Medium growth profile is unsurpassed for peak densities and  duration of culture against competitors. Dynamis Medium reaches 10 million cells/mL faster and maintains that level of high viable cell densities longer than the comparative products shown.

Transitioning from CD FortiCHO Medium to Dynamis Medium should provide comparable results

Growth profiles for glucose only supplemented cultures with multiple lots of CD FortiCHO Medium compared with Dynamis Medium lots. This DG44 IgG clone provides an example of how comparable the growth performance of the media are. Therefore, if you are considering moving from CD FortiCHO Medium into Dynamis Medium for easier scalability in Advanced Granulated Technology (AGT) format, do not hesitate to try it for your process.

  • Cells generated and frozen in CD FortiCHO Medium liquid can be immediately thawed and grown in Dynamis Medium 
  • CD FortiCHO Medium can only be scaled up as liquid, while Dynamis Medium offers the flexibility to scale-up in simple to use AGT dry format 
  • Similar growth and titers in both media 
  • Similar stability of clones in both media

For faster scale-up, try Dynamis Medium in our AGT dry media format. AGT format offers simply reconstitution and animal origin free (AOF), chemically defined properties that help streamline regulatory processes.

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