Our Thermo Scientific™ product portfolio includes innovative single-use technologies that permit easy integration and flexibility across all phases of biotherapeutic development and manufacturing.

Take your processes to the next level with scalable and economical systems and accessories for uniquely configured and standard processes including outer support containers, an integrity testing system, a single-use heat exchanger, and freeze/thaw containment systems.

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Benefits of single-use systems and accessories

  • Add flexibility–systems and components readily integrate for quick and efficient implementation
  • Improve productivity–optimize performance for uniformity, reproducibility and reliability
  • Reduce costs–lower initial investment, facility and operational costs overall
  • Help ensure quality–in-process and point-of-use assessments reduce risk and impact of contamination or process flaws
  • Enhance manufacturing efficiency–comprehensive solutions for all phases of bioproduction

Plastic and stainless steel outer support containers that hold BPCs and chambers for in-process and transportation needs.

The Thermo Scientific™ inSITE™ Integrity Testing System is a post-installation, pre-use integrity testing system  that detects flaws at the most critical stage.

The Thermo Scientific™ DHX™ is a modular heat exchanger that easily integrates into any new or existing process.

Featured: Single-use filling

The Thermo Scientific™ Precise™ Single-use filling system is a modular system which employs BPCs to create a clean, efficient method of filling.

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