Thermo Scientific™ DHX™ heat exchanger

Our innovative modular system uses single-use BioProcess Containers (BPCs) as the sterile fluid path. The BPCs fit tightly between five stainless steel plates, efficiently transferring heat in a counter-current flow path. The sterile, single-use fluid path makes the system an ideal choice for heat transfer during fermentation, collection of harvest media and protein processing. The DHX™ Heat Exchanger provides efficient, sterile heat transfer that easily integrates into any process.

Benefits of the DHX heat exchanger
  • Completely isolated flow paths for process fluid and heat transfer fluid
  • Countercurrent, serpentine flow patterns
  • Dimpled jacketing on the plates provides turbulent flow
  • BPCs fill in place with no operator interaction
  • Modular design and small footprint allows for changing process needs
  • Reduced infrastructure requirements and processing time
  • Improved product consistency
Featured video - DHX heat exchanger overview
Integrate container

Sterile, Efficient and Modular

Learn how the DHX Heat Exchanger provides efficient, sterile heat transfer that easily integrates into any new and existing process.

Efficient heat transfer

Countercurrent Flow Between the Heating/Cooling Fluid and the Process Fluid

The purple shading depicts the serpentine flow path of the process fluid in the bags. The dimpled plate behind the single-use bag depicts where the heating/cooling fluid flows in a countercurrent fashion to the process fluid in a completely isolated flow path.

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