Cancer Biomarker Research is fundamental to advancing personalized medicine. Biomarkers may be genetic, epigenetic, or protein analytes, and research programs aimed at investigating biomarkers span the continuum from whole genome discovery projects to targeted panels and individual research assays. Life Technologies provides a broad menu of optimized solutions for biomarker research.

Rapid, flexible, and scalable analysis of cancer biomarkers with a wide range of applications including SNP, CNV, DNA methylation, ChIP-Sequencing, and microRNA with the 5500 Series Genetic Analyzers.

Discover cancer biomarks form DNA to Protein.

  • Detect genomic variation or differential expression within a pre-determined set of genes with TaqMan® Array Gene Signature Plates. TaqMan® Array Plates are ideal for screening and/or validating cancer biomarkers and toxicology panels, and for analyzing pathways, target classes, and complete disease sets.
  • Rapid and cost-effective screening of biologically relevant genes with Ion PGM™ Technology.
  • Discover novel autoantibody cancer biomarkers with ProtoArray® Protein Microarrays.

Life Technologies offers cancer biomarker immunoassays designed to simultaneously measure individual or multiple targets in a single sample.

Invitrogen™ ELISA and Luminex® assays—quantitation and detection of cytokine and signal transduction proteins.

TaqMan® mutation detection technology—offering superior sensitivity for your cancer biomarker research.