Leverage the world’s largest collection of curated cancer genomics data to identify biomarkers for drug sensitivity and resistance by combining gene expression, DNA copy number, and tumor mutation data with phenotypic responses. Our reports build upon preclinical pharmacological data to accelerate clinical biomarker discovery and enable early companion diagnostics development.

  • Generate custom sensitivity and resistance signatures to support your specific drug mechanism of action (MOA)
  • Identify predictive response and resistance biomarkers for your single agent or drug combination of interest
  • Identify priority indications and patient enrichment strategies using >35,000 genomic profiles of existing de-identified patients, plus reference datasets

From biomarkers to patients

Identifies predictive genomic biomarkers based on preclinical pharmacology. The resulting biomarker profile guides drug development strategies leading to improved clinical and regulatory success.

Applies our biomarker discovery efforts to evaluating the distribution and frequency of specific biomarkers and biomarker combinations across hundreds of distinct clinical populations.

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