Proven Magnetic Separation Technology for Tumor Cells
Dynabeads® are used within a variety of applications within the field of cancer research, ranging from detecting circulating tumor cells to expanding T cells in immunotherapy.

At a glance . . .

Circulating Tumor Cell Detection

  • Up to 5 log enrichment of tumor cells
  • Detect 1 tumor cell per ml of blood
  • Obtain viable cells for analysis by applications including staining, FISH, PCR or RT-PCR.

Isolate and detect minimal residual cancer cells with Dynabeads®. These easy-to-use products quickly provide clear, sensitive and accurate results. The tube-based method is extremely gentle to cells, ensuring high cell viability and yield.

Tumour cell detection is a two part procedure:
  • Enrich tumor cells directly from whole blood, bone marrow or MNC samples
  • Analyze enriched tumor cells for characterization and confirmation

You can enrich tumour cells using Dynabeads® coated with antibodies against specific cell markers. Add Dynabeads® to the starting sample, which then bind to the target cells. Separate the bead-bound cells with a magnet ( DynaMag™). The product you choose will depend on your chosen downstream application.

Enriched tumor cells for molecular analysis:

Use Dynabeads® Epithelial Enrich to positively isolate epithelial tumor cells from whole blood or bone marrow samples. After enrichment, obtain pure mRNA from the cells with Dynabeads® mRNA DIRECT™ Kit.

Enriched tumor cells for cellular analysis:

Option 1:
Use CELLection™ Epithelial Enrich to enrich tumor cells, then remove the beads from the cells. The bead-free cells can be used for any downstream application.

Dynabeads® FlowComp™ Flexi, CELLection™ Pan Mouse IgG and CELLection™ Biotin Binder can also be used in combination with your own tumor-specific antibodies.

Option 2:
Deplete leucocytes from your sample with Dynabeads® CD45 to leave untouched tumor cells that can be used for any downstream application.

Human and Mouse T Cell Expansion

Ready-to-use Dynabeads® CD3/CD28 T Cell Expander provides a reliable way to repeatedly stimulate T cell clones without the need for autologous or MHC-matched antigen-presenting cells and antigen. Achieve full activation and expansion of T cells by providing simultaneous TCR/CD3 and CD28 signals to T cells in culture. Expanded T cells can be used in immunotherapy research.

Bridge the gap from mouse to human models with the equivalent product for expanding mouse cells, Dynabeads® Mouse CD3/CD28 T Cell Expander .

Isolation and Expansion

Isolate a high yield and purity of human CD4+CD25+ cells with Dynabeads® Regulatory CD4+CD25+ T Cell Kit.

Expand human regulatory T cells with Dynabeads® Human Treg Expander. Expanded cells retain suppressive phenotype and capacity.


Dynabeads® ClinExVivo™ CD3/CD28 (formerly Xcyte™ Dynabeads®) offers a unique and proprietary technology for activation and expansion of autologous T cells to fight cancer and infectious disease. T cells expanded with Dynabeads® ClinExVivo™ CD3/CD28 are currently being tested in clinical trials in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. Read more.


Isolate endothelial cells directly from tissue digests with Dynabeads® CD31. For rapid and consistent results in protein or gene expression analysis, lyse the endothelial cells while they are still attached to the beads and directly process for further molecular analysis.