A wide range of sizes, styles, and surfaces to suit a variety of cell culture needs

We offer dishes in more than 100 combinations of format and surface type. Each is designed for excellent optical quality for manual or automated imaging, helping to promote healthy cells and reproducible results. Lot-to-lot cell line testing ensures consistency.

Popular cell culture dishes

Cell Culture Inserts and Carrier Plates

Great for co-culture, chemotaxis, invasion assays, barrier assay, and air-liquid-interface culture, our unique Carrier Plates enable height adjustment of the Cell Culture Inserts within the wells.

Petri Dish Racks

Secure glass and plastic dishes for safe transport with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Autoclavable Petri and Bioassay Dish Racks. Smooth rounded corners, finger-grip handle, and rubber feet make carrying dishes safe and secure.

Select the ideal plate for your application

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